Invisible Braces

About invisible braces:


Invisible braces have become an increasingly popular option for people wanting to straighten their teeth and improve their smile without the wires, brackets, and physical discomfort of conventional metal braces. There are three different versions of invisible braces: Clear trays, lingual braces, and simple wire. Although there are aesthetic differences between these three invisible types, all of these options were designated to offer the same teeth straightening benefits associated with metal braces.

Benefits of Invisible Braces

Among their many benefits, invisible braces:

1. Can be used to treat both children and adults
2. Blend in flawlessly with your teeth
3. Can correct your bite and straighten your smile
4. Improve your overall health
5. Improve the aesthetics of your smile
6. Can dramatically subtly transform your smile in a dramatic way
7. Extremely comfortable and fully customizable