Bruxzir Solid Zirconia Crown

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If you have missing teeth you want to get a crown immediately to replace the gap in your smile. But there are so many options for new teeth on the market- which crown is right for you? Read more to find out about the strongest new teeth available.

Bruxzir solid zirconia crowns are all-ceramic crowns. Unlike other crowns, the entire new tooth is made of zirconia. PFM crowns use ceramic over metal, which is more liable to crack and break. You can have the strongest on the market. Bruxzir teeth can withstand cracks because of their monolithic restoration. This means the entire tooth is made of zirconia, leaving nothing that can break off.

What are Bruxzir Solid Zirconia Crowns?

Bruxzir Solid Zirconia Crown is a popular type of all-ceramic dental crown. It improves the appearance of a stained or disfigured tooth. Bruxzir Solid Zirconia Crowns are made of strong and flexible material. Bruxzir restorations exhibit similar to natural dentition, making them a restorative option in the anterior as well.

What are the Benefits of Bruxzir Zirconia Crowns?

It has been demonstrated that if a comparison was to be established in relation to a porcelain crown vs a zirconia crown, the Bruxzir zirconia crown can be hit with a hammer and not break. It is known to be “chip-proof,” “bullet-proof,” and “virtually unbreakable.”

Financially it is known to be a bit more pricey than usual because it is strong and known to be the number one crown in the U.S. Bruxzir zirconia crowns are considered to be some of the most aesthetic new teeth available. Bruxzir has a higher translucency than regular zirconia. The color of your natural teeth shines through creating a more natural and consistent appearance with the rest of your teeth. You can have more uniform and whiter teeth with Bruxzir crowns. Bruxzir zirconia is resistant to discoloration. Patients with Bruxir crowns experienced only slight marginal discoloration after 3-5 years. No wear was observed. Bruxzir has thinner margins. This means a less bulky look. The better fit required no adjustment before placing. Keep your gums healthy with less gum encroachment.

What is Bruxzir Made Of?

Bruxzir crowns are made of the strongest yttria-stabilized zirconia (YSZ) powder biocompatible with the human body. This is the same material used to make bulletproof military armor. Zirconia is a type of crystal that is indestructible and flexible. Zirconia crowns are strong and long-lasting. Zirconia has high fracture toughness from its self-healing properties. This is also known as phase transformation toughness. When a potential crack occurs, the cells close the crack on their own.
Unlike PFM crowns, where porcelain is fused to metal, Bruxir is a monolithic restoration. There are no layers that can come apart. Nothing can chip off because it is made out of one homogenous material.

How Long Does a Bruxzir Zirconia Crown Last?

Bruxzir Crowns are a good choice for bruxers and grinders who have broken their teeth or crowns in the past. Bruxzir is virtually indestructible and if maintained properly, they can last a lifetime.

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