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Dental fillings, whether you have mercury fillings or porcelain fillings, don’t have to end up with tooth filling pain, pain after tooth filling, cavity filling pain or sensitivity after filling when you visit a painless family dentist located in Brooklyn, NY. The best family dentist in Brooklyn ensures that you won’t have to ask, “Do fillings hurt,” because she anticipates your concerns at every visit. Come see the Broadway Family Dental and meet the top-rated dentist Dr. Dekhtyar.

What are Dental Fillings?

Dental fillings are used to restore damaged or decaying teeth, such as when you have cavities. There are many different materials used as fillings to repair the tooth. The type of material used is determined by how much damage the tooth has, allergies you may have, where the tooth is, and how much you’re able to pay. Two of the most common materials are:

  1. Porcelain filling
  2. Mercury filling

Getting a Tooth Filling

At Broadway Family Dental, your family dentist can recommend the best kind of filling for your tooth. When you visit the best dentist in Brooklyn, you also get a trained cosmetic dentist who knows how to ensure your smile remains intact when you have to have a tooth filled.

One of the first steps to getting a dental filling is to help you avoid tooth filling pain throughout the entire procedure. Your Brooklyn dentist usually does this through local or general anesthetics. If you don’t need to be put to sleep for the filling, local anesthetic acts as a numbing agent to ensure no tooth filling pain.

After the anesthesia is in place, the dentist prepares the tooth for plaque removal. Plaque comes from bacteria on the tooth, which causes decay. Like most dentists, your painless dentist relies on a high-speed dental drill to remove the tooth decay. After plaque removal, your dentist then fills the tooth with one of the two dental fillings to make it function properly.

Types of Dental Fillings

Porcelain Fillings Before and After
Porcelain Fillings Before and After

For more than 50 years, dentists have been using mercury filling to repair teeth. However, with any drastic temperature change, these dental fillings can fall out or crack your teeth. They’re also dark-colored and easy to spot when you open your mouth.

In contrast, a porcelain filling is unnoticeable because of your dentist’s ability to match the color of your natural teeth. Porcelain fillings don’t loosen, fall out or damage the tooth.

Your dentist, accounting for your personal preference, determines which filling material to use. Porcelain is more expensive, yet some people are allergic to mercury or prefer not to have the metal in their mouths.

Your Brooklyn dentist discusses your options and helps you choose the best option because filling materials play an important role in making a durable and long-lasting tooth repair.

Do Fillings Hurt?

Your tooth can have some sensitivity after filling. It’s common for the tooth to be sensitive to pressure, air, sweet foods or temperature. The sensitivity after filling lessens within a few weeks; however, during this time, stay away from doing anything that may make the tooth uncomfortable.

It’s common to have slight pain after tooth filling. Most of the cavity filling pain is easily avoided:

  • Pain when biting. This kind of pain is noticeable after the numbing solution or anesthesia from the procedure wears off. The dental fillings may be interfering with your bite. To resolve this, visit your dentist to reshape the filling.
  • Pain from hot or cold temperatures. You can recognize this by the sharp pinch you feel when your teeth touch something hot or cold. The pain goes away in a few seconds after contact. If the pain continues for a long time, contact your dentist.
  • Constant throbbing pain. After your examination, if you experience cavity filling pain that’s throbbing, this may mean that the tissue is no longer healthy and a root canal treatment may be required.

Another kind of pain after tooth filling is known as referred pain, which is pain or sensitivity that occurs in other teeth that didn’t have fillings. With this pain, the filled tooth is just passing pain sensors around to the other teeth. There is likely nothing wrong and the pain should lessen on its own over a few weeks.

Dental Fillings Aftercare Is Required

The reason for getting many dental fillings is due to a lack of consistent and proper oral hygiene. With proper care, you can reduce any risks of further cavities and prevent your current fillings from damage. Take care to follow any specific instructions your family dentist gives you after the procedure.

If there is pain after fillings are completed, determine the severity and then contact your dentist if necessary. Talk to your dentist about the possibility of pain medication for the sensitivity. Your Broadway Family Dental team has only one goal — to provide the best quality of care in Brooklyn for family and cosmetic dentistry.

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