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Clear Dental Retainers

What Is a Retainer?

Essix Retainer
Essix Clear Retainer

The time has come and it will definitely be very exciting to finally get your dental braces off and move into the dental retainer stage. A teeth retainer keeps your teeth in place after your dental braces come off. It takes almost a year for the periodontal ligaments to solidify into their new positions after your braces are removed.

That’s why at the dentistry center in Brooklyn, New York we suggest following the orthodontist directions. If you slack off or stop wearing it, your teeth could shift and get crooked again or gaps can open up. At first your mouth retainer may feel uncomfortable or strange in your mouth, but eventually, you get used to it. You may experience some gagging or sticking but that would only suggest you tell your dental specialist nearby so adjustments can be made to your comfortability.

Types of Retainers:

Hawley Retainers

Made of metal and acrylic. This type of dental retainer is made of bendable wire and acrylic or plastic. The wire goes across the front of your teeth, and the acrylic is molded to fit perfectly inside your mouth. Hawley retainers are available in a large variety of colors and styles, so you can have a little fun with them by adding sparkles or patterns. This type of teeth retainer is adjustable so that your orthodontist can “tweak” your teeth a little bit after braces.

Pros – Adjustable. Allows teeth to touch in a natural way. It lasts a long time with proper care. Easy to clean.
Cons – It is very noticeable. You might lisp at first when wearing it.

Essix Retainer

Dental Retainer

These clear retainers are made of Clear Plastic ( they look like Invisalign aligners). This type of teeth retainer is made of molded clear plastic and resembles an Invisalign aligner. People like this type of retainer because it is less noticeable than a Hawley retainer. However, it doesn’t allow your top and bottom teeth to touch in a natural way. Because of this, some orthodontists don’t like this type of retainer. Essix retainers also have a shorter lifespan than Hawley retainers. On average, they begin to wear out after a few years, and then need to be replaced.

Pros – Virtually invisible on the teeth.
Cons – Does not allow the teeth to touch in a natural way. Wears out after a few years. It can be difficult to keep the interior surfaces clean. Traps liquid against the teeth.

No matter what type of dental retainer you have, you will end up with that million-dollar smile at the end of the day 😉 Keep smiling!

Before & After

Before Crowding with Slight Open Bite Tendency
Before Crowding with Slight Open Bite Tendency

After Crowding with Slight Open Bite Tendency
After Crowding with Slight Open Bite Tendency

What is the main purpose of clear dental retainers?

The effects of chewing, growth and everyday wear can cause your teeth to relapse. Therefore, dentists recommend using a retainer for the rest of your life.

It is extremely important to follow the recommendations of your doctor. Its improper use can lead to losing some or all the benefits of retainers.

Instructions normally vary depending on your individual situation. Once you start using the best retainer, a doctor will have to make sure that it keeps your teeth from moving. If you lose your essix retainer, you should visit a dentist as soon as possible. That way you will get a replacement before your teeth relapse.

What are the best retainers for teeth?

It is not possible to give a definite answer to this question, as everything depends on your personal case. Additionally, there are retainers that are very noticeable such as hawley retainers. They are made of metal and acrylic. On the opposite side, there are essix clear retainers that are invisible on the teeth.

Where can I find clear retainers in Brooklyn?

If you want to get more information about a specific type of retainer, you can always call Broad Family Dental. Our experienced team of dentists will help you select a retainer that will meet all your needs and wants.

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