FREE Teeth Whitening For Patients Receiving Braces or Invisalign – Special Offer

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FREE Teeth Whitening – For Patients Receiving Braces or Invisalign

Free Teeth Whitening Special Offer
Patients will be eligible for a free Teeth Whitening Starting this Fall 2019 with any New Starting case of Braces or Invisalign available only at our Location 1152 Broadway Brooklyn New York 11221.

  • Cases need to be started on dates provided any day before or after will not be part of Promotion
  • Minimum Payment must be fulfill at starting of case and agreement must be sign at our location
  • Consultations without insurance are $125
Before and After Teeth Whitening in Brooklyn NY
Before and After Teeth Whitening at Broadway Family Dentistry

Dr. Ella Dekhtyar (Dentist in Brooklyn)
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