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Adult braces can play an integral part in your complete smile makeover. With all the options available in braces for adults, from clear braces for adults to trays that sit on top of your back teeth, there isn’t any reason you should live with the embarrassment or discomfort of living with crooked teeth. Talk to your dentist at Broadway cosmetic dentistry center about which type of braces might be best for you.

Adult Braces

Smiling shouldn’t be something to avoid because you’re embarrassed by crooked teeth, no matter how old you are. It’s never too late to find the best fit for orthodontic care as an adult to help straighten your teeth. There are many different kinds of adult braces options for you to explore. Any of them can raise your self-esteem and help you smile confidently once again.

Your family dentist, who also is a cosmetic dentist, can find the right fit for you. Which treatment you need mostly depends on how severely crooked your teeth are. You can choose from a number of treatment options, ranging from traditional metal braces for adults to clear braces for adults and even invisible braces. Talk to your dentist at Broadway Family Dental about which type of teeth straightening devices best suit your situation, budget and goals.

Types of Adult Braces

With all the new orthodontic technologies available to help you get an amazing smile makeover, there are many different ways for an adult to receive braces that fit with your lifestyle and budget. Some of the options to consider include:

  • Metal braces. These are the most traditional kind of braces that include metal brackets placed across each tooth and a wire intertwined in each bracket to connect all your teeth. A benefit of these kinds of adult braces is that they are the least expensive. A downside to this treatment is that they’re also the most noticeable kind of braces. At the same time, if the misalignment is severe and you have other dental issues, this might be the best option for straightening your teeth.
  • Ceramic braces. Ceramic braces work in the exact same way as metal braces do except that these brackets, instead of being a silver metal color, are tooth-colored or even clear to ensure they blend into your teeth. You can also receive tooth-colored wire to make them even less noticeable. These clear braces for adults are more expensive than metal braces and can stain easily if you don’t take care of them.
  • Invisalign. Invisalign retainers are removable, although you’re meant to wear them up to 22 hours a day. They are entirely transparent, plastic mouthguard-like aligners that work over a series of weeks to months to straighten your teeth. You wear each custom-made plastic piece over a period of time, replacing each one in a series as your teeth move into position. One of the downsides to these clear braces for adults is they are a more expensive option and can take a longer time to completely work.

Speak to your general dentist in Broadway to find the best treatment plan for you. Explain your goals and what kind of budget you’re working with. Unless you have medical issues that can be addressed with adult braces, most insurance policies don’t cover adult braces.

Keep Realistic Expectations

For the most part, clear braces for adults and even traditional metal braces aren’t painful to wear. They are, however, uncomfortable at times because they are pulling and tugging at your teeth. Once fitted properly, you need to visit your dentist once a month as a rule to either switch out your Invisalign tray or adjust your braces.

Usually, you can maintain your regular schedule immediately after being fitted with braces. But you shouldn’t be surprised when you feel awkward talking and eating. After all, you’ve lived for decades without any foreign objects in your mouth. The adjustment period varies between individuals, but you should be able to speak normally and eat when you want within a few days or up to a week.

Benefits of Adult Braces

Not only do adult braces help straighten your teeth and widen your smile, but they also pose many health and hygiene benefits. If you have crooked teeth, there’s a higher chance of more bacteria and plaque buildup in your mouth due to the many hard-to-reach areas created by your misaligned and crooked teeth. This can lead to gingivitis and possibly even gum surgery. Once straightened, your teeth can be taken care of more efficiently and effectively.

Straightened teeth make it easier for you to brush and floss regularly. Sometimes with crooked teeth, you may not be able to reach the gum areas in between teeth with floss. This becomes much easier to do once your teeth are straightened. In some cases, braces for adults can work to help you speak more clearly and eat properly, another boon to your health and oral hygiene.

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