Clear braces are braces that correct any misalignement or unwanted teeth protrusion. They serve the cosmetic alternative to unsightly metal braces. They blend with the natural color of the teeth by being transparent enough so they don’t show. Clear braces are made of clear hard plastic or ceramics that follow the teeth color. They work on the same principle as traditional metal braces. other than having slightly diffrence in chemistry, clear braces are sized differently with some bracket types slightly bigger than others. In addition, the shading of clear braces vary with some having crystal transparency while others have a pearl white-shade.


1. Clarity Clear Braces: From 3M Unitek Cosmetic Allure of a transclucent bracket which have metal slots that allows the wire to slide freely.
2. Inspire Ice Clear Braces: From Ormco are crystal clear ceramic brackets that claim to be the only transparent low profile bracket on the market which means they dont stand out compared with other clear braces. Comfortable because of the smooth design.
3. InVu Clear Braces: From TP Ortho are less bulky than other clear braces but combine translucent aesthetics with the strength of metal braces making them more durable.
4. Luxi Clear Braces: From Rock Mountain Ortho have gold metal slots on the clear bracket for the wire to slide, while others use silver slots.
5. Mystique Clear Braces: From GAC international boast of an optimum level of translucence that allow the ceramic brackets to blend with the natural teeth color. Instead of metal slots, its silica lining that’s virtually invisible.
6. Pure Clear Braces: From Ortho Tech which are made using clear sapphire brackets which are stain resistant
7. Radiance Clear Braces: From American ortho which are sapphire crystal brackets. Known to have upmost clarity and to be stain resistant with the use of clear wires.